July 16, 2024

Climate action is a legal obligation

Following the landmark climate ruling out of the European Court of Human Rights, it was a pleasure to discuss climate and human rights with Sara Schonhardt at ClimateWire for Politico. You can read her article here.

ICC Charges Against Russian Officers

I spoke to the NYT about the conduct of hostilities charges being brought against Russian officers in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. The court has pursued war crimes charges, but that is not all: “They’ve pulled them together into a charge of crimes against humanity, making the point that they don’t think that this […]

ICJ provisional measures in South Africa v. Israel

Shortly after the International Court of Justice handed down its provisional measures order in South Africa v. Israel, I spoke – along with Professor Steve Ratner, to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.  For extended reactions, see our compilation of expert views over at Just Security.

Hamas-Israel War: The Laws of War Have Limits

Thanks to NYT journalist Amanda Taub for her consistently high quality work to bring international law to a mainstream audience. I spoke with her about the laws of war and the role of the International Criminal Court in relation to the Hamas-Israel War. You can read her reporting here.

White phosphorus use in war

I spoke to McClatchy journalist, Brendan Rascius about the international laws governing the use of white phosphorus.  

Debating a Special Tribunal for the Crime of Aggression

 I am grateful to Foreign Affairs for giving me the chance to engage in this discussion about accountability for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Rebutting the view that pursuing a tribunal now is too risky, I argue that “No one is more attuned to the risks facing Ukraine as it seeks to end a war it […]

The long struggle to “save Darfur”

Thanks to The Take for the chance to reflect on lessons from the #SaveDarfur movement 20 years on as violence again wreaks havoc across Darfur. “These were activists who were really seized with wanting to do the right thing by Darfuris. But they were coming at it through the wrong framework that led to the […]

The Battle for Sudan

I was honored to join in conversation with Suliman Baldo and Quscondy Abdulshafi to discuss the situation in Sudan. My gratitude also to Just Security podcast host, Paras Shah, for pulling the three of us together, and editing our long discussion down to a manageable 30 minutes. You can listen here. #KeepEyesOnSudan

Books to Help Understand Sudan

Humbled to see Fighting for Darfur recommended to NYT readers, over a decade after I wrote it. I just wish its lessons weren’t still so painfully relevant: “And for a fair-minded but critical look at the foreign response to the catastrophic war in Darfur at the beginning of this century, I recommend “Fighting for Darfur: […]

Crimes Against Humanity in Ukraine

I spoke with CNN’s Jim Acosta about the U.S. government’s determination regarding Russian crimes against humanity in Ukraine and the path forward for accountability.