September 24, 2023

Declaring Genocide

It was such a pleasure to speak with one of my favorite radio shows, On The Media from WNYC, about the consequences of Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent declaration of genocide in relation to ISIS. You can listen to the segment here.

Global Advocacy: How useful are #hashtags and “likes”?

I spoke with Amy Costello at Tiny Spark podcasts about global advocacy movements and the challenges of mobilizing the goodwill of volunteers in a way that translates into real change for the people they are advocating on behalf of. You can listen to the podcast here. And more generally I’d encourage folks to check out […]

UN Dispatch podcast

Scott Guggenheim is the most influential development expert you’ve never heard of. A grad school buddy of new Afghan President, Asraf Ghani, Guggenheim has pioneered the Community Driven Development approach that puts locals in charge of their own development projects. I interviewed him in my first stint as guest host at UN Dispatch. You can […]

Audio postcard from Goma

A little like my Sarajevo podcast, this is not actually part of my research. On Thursday evening I had to go to Musanze in northern Rwandan to interview one of the AU Deputy Commanders who had been deployed in Darfur. By the time I was at Musanze I was just 2 hours by bus from […]

Podcast:Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

In this 20-minute podcast from the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, I speak with two of the staff that work there: One, a survivor of the 1994 genocide, who now guides visitors around the memorial, and another from the Aegis Trust in the U.K. In addition to walking listeners through the exhibition, (documenting the pathways to […]

What would you ask Ebrahim Abdullah? ماذا ستسالون ابراهيم عبدالله؟Que souhaitez-vous demander à Ebrahim Abdullah?Państwa pytania dla Ebrahima AbdullahCosa chiederesti ad Ebrahim Abdullah?

SLA  (Abdel Wahid)  field commander Ebrahim Abdullah has agreed to take any questions advocates have. You can submit your question using this form.

Podcast: It’s Our Turn to Read

I spent yesterday afternoon with an inspiring group of activists, writers, students and artists at the launch of It’s Our Turn to Read, at the Kenya National Theatre here in Nairobi. The project is a civil society response to the “informal ban” of Michela Wrong’s book It’s Our Turn To Eat: The story of a […]

Podcasts now available on i-tunes

Hi everyone You can now subscribe (it’s free) to the podcasts on this site through i-tunes by going here. To somewhat state the obvious:  The benefits are that you no longer need to be at your computer to listen – it can travel on your i-pod with you on the metro – plus I’ll be […]

Podcast from Sarajevo

This 35-minute podcast is what I would call an “audio postcard” from Sarajevo. As I make clear in the recording, I did not go to Sarajevo as part of my research – I went because friends from there had impressed upon me how beautiful it is, and so when I found some budget flights, I […]

What would you ask Zeid Al Sabban?

Zeid Al Sabban is Head of the African Affairs division at the League of Arab States. I’ll be speaking with him in Cairo early next month. He has just agreed “in principle” to do a podcast – it will just be contingent on timing. You have between now and June 6 to submit a question […]