September 24, 2023

ICC looks at Kenya: Backgrounder on how we got here

Last week the ICC Prosecutor applied to open an investigation into the post-election violence in Kenya. The three judges of the Pre-Trial Chamber will decide whether or not to allow him to begin investigating, but as the ICC is a court of last resort, I thought it would be useful give a brief summary of […]

Rob Crilly: The Analysis is the Problem

Rob Crilly is a British journalist I met in Nairobi. He has spent the past five years covering Darfur, and has his first book coming out later this year, entitled Saving Darfur: Everyone’s Favourite African War. He and I disagree on several things (the value of the ICC for instance) and he, like many, has […]

Kenyan post-election violence: The ICC at its best

As readers of this blog will know, I think one of the most important and useful aspects of the ICC is its complementarity provision (which is why I am worried about the ICC’s recent justification for its jurisdiction over the case against Germain Katanga). The ICC should only ever be a court of last resort, […]

Podcast: It’s Our Turn to Read

I spent yesterday afternoon with an inspiring group of activists, writers, students and artists at the launch of It’s Our Turn to Read, at the Kenya National Theatre here in Nairobi. The project is a civil society response to the “informal ban” of Michela Wrong’s book It’s Our Turn To Eat: The story of a […]

The work of others

Hi everyone I got to Nairobi at about 4am this morning, and am now all set up with a roof over my head, a net connection, and a local SIM card –  – the world is my oyster! Although I’ve spent many a month here before, I still got immense enjoyment from a morning spent […]