April 18, 2024

Peace agreements

So you can read them for yourselves:

I’m uploading the signed agreement on Abyei (from June 20), which provides for the deployment of Ethiopian peacekeepers under a UN mandate. It is worth paying particular attention to para. 2 of this agreement. The reference to the 1956 border is another way of saying that Abyei belongs in the north until such time as there is an Abyei referendum.

I’m also uploading the signed agreement on Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile – “The Two Areas” (from today, June 28), where it is worth noting that there is no role for the UN or any monitoring, let alone peacekeeping, mission. As per para. 12 the AU High Level Panel can, after consultation with the parties, request help with the implementation of the agreement. But given that Khartoum has clearly stated that it will not permit any UN presence on its territory after July 9, the net result is that there will not be any mission to monitor the implementation of this agreement.

Abyei Signed Agreement

Two Areas Signed Agreement

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