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Crisis in the Nuba Mountains

Audio-visual for the Washington Post; a 101 backgrounder on the crisis in Southern Kordofan.

Peace agreements

So you can read them for yourselves: I’m uploading the signed agreement on Abyei (from June 20), which provides for the deployment of Ethiopian peacekeepers under a UN mandate. It is worth paying particular attention to para. 2 of this agreement. The reference to the 1956 border is another way of saying that Abyei belongs […]

Allegations of ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains

For 19 days, media cut off from direct access to the Nuba Mountains in Southern Kordofan, which lies in northern Sudan, have been struggling to verify information emerging about the situation there. On Wednesday, a long-time Sudan analyst who was in the Nuba Mountains when the bombing began on June 5, and who only just […]

Calgary Herald

Book Review: Fighting for Darfur Former Canadian Lt-General, and now senator, Romeo Dallaire, once referred to the mass atrocities in Darfur—a territory the size of France in the western part of Sudan (which borders on the African country of Chad)—as a “genocide in slow motion.” But the full scope of that crime is mind-numbing: over […]

Sudan: Is there any leverage left?

From The Multilateralist, David Bosco: I spoke recently with Rebecca Hamilton, author of Fighting for Darfur, an engrossing account of the influential Darfur activist movement and its impact on Sudan policy. In the book, she melds the story of these activists with developments on the ground in Sudan, often reported personally. Her account is nuanced […]

Trouble in Khartoum

The news coming out of Sudan grows bleaker by the hour. Prospects for peace look less likely now than at any point since the north-south civil war, Africa’s longest-running conflict, ended in 2005. The Sudanese government is presently bombing the northern border state of Southern Kordofan, and the United Nations estimates that more than 100,000 […]

Raising the alarm

Something I wrote in Fighting for Darfur feels particularly salient at this moment, as my inbox fills up with increasingly panicked messages from those with friends in Southern Kordofan: “As has been clear for some years, and was true in the case of Darfur, a lack of information per se is not what accounts for […]

Kojo Nnamdi Show

In Somalia, security forces recently killed a top Al-Qaeda leader in the region. In Sudan, military tensions have regional observers worried about a return to civil war in that country’s Southern region. We explore Washington’s delicate balancing act in the Horn of Africa. Click here to listen to the interview with Amb. David Shinn, EJ […]

PBS NewsHour

To watch interviews on Abyei crisis with PBS NewsHour click here and here.

Sudan rejects U.N. call to withdraw from Abyei

[Published June 6, 2011] JUBA, South Sudan – Sudan has rejected a call by the U.N. Security Council to withdraw its forces from the contested town of Abyei, as internal pressure mounts on South Sudan to respond to the invasion last month. Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti, in a statement released over the weekend, […]