February 26, 2024

“Secret” Sudanese government documents

Testerday the SPLM-led Government of South Sudan of began releasing a series of documents to the media. I have copies of  these allegedly internal Sudanese government documents, classified “secret”, which the SPLM say prove that Khartoum has been supporting rebels in the south to overthrow the Government of South Sudan. The Sudanese government claims the documents are forgeries.

With gratitude to @simsimt for translation assistance, I’m posting below the English translation of the first document.

A few points to note: First, if authenticated, this dovetails with other internal Sudanese documents from the Office of the Minister of Defense described by the Small Arms Survey, documenting the shipments of arms into Kordofan (where the vulnerable populations of both Abyei and the Nuba Mountains are located) in November 2008. Second, ICC-indictee Ahmed Harun had not yet been appointed Governor of Kordofan at the time the document was written. Third, the “security committee” structure referred to in this document is nothing new. State-level security committees were also the means through which the Sudanese government prosecuted its campaign in Darfur.


In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most beneficent


Ministry of National Defense
Office of Minister of Defense

No. W D W/49/A/1
Repeated 49/A/1
7: Dhu Al-Hijja 1429 H
5: December 2008 AD


1. Issued under the commandment of Colonel General Engineer Abdulrahim Mohammed Hussein, holder of Order of Achievement. Order of Courage, Order of Withstand, Order of the Republic, Order of the Long Excellent Service, fellow of the Higher Military Academy, holder of Order of Golden Defense and Minister of Defense.

2. A security committee to be formed for the administration of greater Kurdufan by the officers whose names are mentioned below:
a) Lieutenant General/ Mahdi Babo Nimir              President
b) Major General/ Ahmed Khamis Bakheet     Member
c) Major General/ AhmedAl-Faki Al-Zain         Member
d) Major General/ Hamid Ibrahim Hamid          Member
e) Brigadier General/ Mohammed Markuzu Kuku      Member

3. For the immediate administration of security in Kurdufan.
4. The committee is subject to expansion.
5. The committee is given adequate powers to represent the Minister of Defense in the aforementioned sector.
6. The committee is to proceed with its work from inside the capital or anywhere inside greater Kurdufan.
7. The committee shall submit periodic reports to the Ministry of Defense for any events that lie before it.

God bless,,,
Colonel General Engineer
Abdulrahim Mohammed Hussein
Minister of National Defense

Copy to each of:
1. Office of the General Commander
2. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
3. Director of the National Security and Intelligence Service
4. Governor of North/South Kurdufan
5. [handwritten] Mister Commander of the 5th Infantry Division /[illegible text]
6. [handwritten] Mister Commander of the 14th Infantry Division /[illegible text]

(1 of 1)

Handwritten text across the left bottom section of the document:

Mister Commander
1. This is a formation order for a security committee on the subject of Kurdufan
2. [Illegible in most part, but says something about making sure to distribute the document in a very secretive way through the trusted commanders only]

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