December 8, 2023

More “secret” Sudanese documents

UPDATE # 2: More literal translations thanks to @simsimt pasted below. But on the authentication issue, fellow Sudan correspondent Alan Boswell writes for McClatchy, “The north immediately denounced the documents as forgeries filled with mistakes, including incorrect titles for officials, wrong names for northern institutions, fake letterheads, and the use of names of officials who’d retired or died. Independent experts with access to the documents concur. One Western official in Sudan, who could not be named because of the sensitivity of the matter, described them as “100 percent forgeries.””

Translation of: letters from Mandour.pdf

Document 1:

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most benevolent

National Congress
Public Center
Secretariat of Political Affairs

Number: MW/ A SH S
Date: 16/ Ramadan 1430 H
Corresponding date: 6/ September 2009 AD

Mr./ All heads of National Congress in states

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah

Subject: Accusation against the National Congress of Arming Tribes

It might have come to your knowledge, and according to your follow-up, that there exists an accusation against the National Congress of arming tribes in the south and north, this is pure fabrication. however it was stated repeatedly by Pagan Amom the secretary-general of People’s Movement [SPLM], and also its official spokesperson Yen Mathew.

These are mere speculations, lacking proof, and will demand evidence until this charge is proved.

There have been many accusations from our partner in government, but from now on, we well not allow any accusation to pass amnesty without standing on its merits, because we as the National Congress, are a State, who has the right to investigate any accusation.

Such as those do not praise the National Congress nor thank it that it provisioned them governance and control of the South land, but instead instigate hostile parties to exert pressure on us in order to pass their own agendas, and moreover to overthrow us from power to make it easier for them to stay in Sudan, to steer it as they wish, but what they envision is a pipe dream.

Thank you very much

Mohammed Al-Mahdi Mandour

Secretary-General of Political Affairs

Addressed to: States

Document 2:

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most benevolent


Joint Chiefs of Staff
Military Intelligence Agency

Number: H/ A/ E/ 48/ A/ 10/ G
12: [unconfirmed, partially illegible] Dhu al-Qi’dah 1430 H
6: November 2009 AD

(Addressed to all Chiefs of Staff and Divisions)

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah

Telephone Numbers of Leaders of the Peoples’ Movement [i.e. SPLM]

1. Given the importance of wireless communication and accuracy in collection of information, some hostile parties have used telephones for malicious purposes that harm the interest of the homeland.
2. From our part, coordination has been done with departments at telephone stations to collect any information harmful to the public interest of all telephones registered with it.
3. In order to monitor all telephones and ward off threat of crimes, audit and obtain telephone numbers of leaders of Peoples’ Movement in your areas, whether they were members of security committees or senior leaders for the purposes of following up harmful calls so we can identify the speakers and thwart their plans of aggression.
4. Numbers are to be collected as soon as possible so we can make the necessary.

May Allah help you

Al-Awad Hamid Khamis Hamid
On behalf of/ General-in-Chief
Director of Military Intelligence Agency

Copy to:
1. Mr. Director of the National Security Apparatus

(1 of 1)


Document 3:

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most benevolent

National Congress
Public Center
Secretariat of Political Affairs

Number: MWASHS
Date: 14 November 2009 AD

Brother/ heads of Congress at states

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah

Subject: Telephones of Peoples’ Movement’s leaders

Referring to the above subject, and through our detection of [phone] calls by departments of telephone stations, we found that Peoples’ Movement [SPLM] has had [phone] calls with hostile parties, from our side, we have alerted all managers of telecommunication companies working in Sudan, Zain, Sudani, Canar, MTN, to monitor any call harmful to the national interest.

Also station (X) has been identified to monitor and follow-up Thuraya devices and international communications via satellites for the same purpose, thus please do collect the telephone numbers of Peoples’ Movement’s leaders in your states secretively so that we put them under surveillance.

Thank you very much

Mohammed Al-Mahdi Mandour Al-Mahdi
Secretary-General of Political Affairs

Addressed to:


VERY URGENT           18/5/2010

From: Kosti Supplies Command/ Strategic Storage                          SECRET(0)
To: Commander in Khartoum A S                                                    104 (0)
And ): Commander in Khartoum Joint Supplies

By code (.) your reference number 794 as of 9/5/(.) 2010 concerning Ator’s representative (.) The aforementioned was delivered the second share of weapons and ammunition (.) Copies of receipts will be sent to you later. For information purposes only..

Ahmed Ali Al-Tahir
On behalf of/ Major General
18 Infantry Division Commander



In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most benevolent


VERY URGENT                                                                22/9/2010

From: Commander Khartoum A S                                                                  (.)
To: Commander Khartoum Joint Supply                                                  4281 (.)

By computer (.) We hope that the ratification of us to exchange weapons and ammunition necessary to the friendly forces of Lam Akol’s wing (.) Friendly forces of Bahr Al-Ghazal and Unity [states] (.) Friendly forces faction of Nuba Mountains (.) For information and reporting…

Isam Mohammed Hasan Karrar
On behalf of/ Colonel General
Director of the Military Intelligence Agency



In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most benevolent

Confidential and Personal

Republic of Sudan                                                               Number: W D Confidential and Personal 47 [??]
Ministry of Defense                                                             6 Ramadan 1430 H
Office of the Minister                                                           27 August 2009 AD
Microwave 3031

Mr. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah


1. We have recently noticed statements to the media on arming some tribes in the north and south, and attributing the deterioration of situations there to that, which indicates leakage of information to hostile parties.

2. Stop armament operations for the time being, to be resumed later via the intelligence.

3. Instructions will reach you in time.

God bless,,,

Colonel General
Abdulrahim Mohammed Hussein
Minister of Defense

Copy to:

Mr. Chairman of Joint Logistics
Mr. Director of the Military Intelligence Agency

(1 of 1)
Confidential and Personal



From: Commandment14 A S/ Kadugli      6/11/2009          Confidential (.)
To: Commander Khartoum A S                                        1497           (.)

By code (.) By computer (.) Your signal number 7329 on 30/10/2009 regarding the mujahid Barsham (.) The aforementioned reached the Kawnaru Mountains and met with community leaders the Mcs and mayors (.) The aforementioned mujahid’s plan was revealed by the commissioner of Abu Jbaiha who belongs to the Peoples’ Movement [SPLM] where the Mc was summoned to Kadugli and was then referred to Abdulaziz Al-Hilu Deputy Governor of South Kurdufan as the head of the Movement [SPLM] at Nuba Mountains sector (.) The Mc’s perception has changed (.) The aforementioned mujahid was left to Upper Nile after leaving few cells so that they carry on any assigned missions in the future (.) We will follow up and inform you of developments. To be notified.

Lieutenant Colonel
Mu’awya Hamad Abdullah

On behalf of/
14 Infantry Division Commander

8/ A
6 November 2009

UPDATE #1: I’m am pasting below the English translations (with thanks to Jennifer Rowland) of a further four documents. These additional documents appear to: 1. Authorize the tapping of SPLM cell phones. 2. Request armament of tribes stops temporarily after information about armaments leaked to the media by the SPLM. 3. Approved disbursement of arms to Lam Akol and other “friendly forces.”(I can’t post copies of the originals of the documents to this site right now because of formatting issues but if any Arabic speakers want them please get in touch and I will email you directly).

On the authentication issue – Sudan advocate Eric Reeves reports on his site today that the SAF officers who passed these documents to the SPLM were executed.


Letters from Mandour

Page 1:

National Congress

Secretariat of Political Affairs

Subject: Accusation against the National Congress of Arming Tribes


Acknowledges accusations and says they are “pure fabrications” created by Pagan Amum and […..] “It is merely speculation, lacking proof” and the National Congress will ask them to prove it.

As the National Congress they have the right to investigate anyone who makes allegations that “do not commend the Congress, or praise it as their own governance and ruler of the South.” They (the people’s movement) is only accusing the government of these things in order to pressure the government into passing their agenda.

Signed: Mohammad al-Mehdi Mandoor

Page 2:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Military Intelligence Organization

Telephone Numbers of People’s Movement Leadership

1. importance of wireless communication in transmitting information = people’s movement’s use of cell phones to harm the interests of the nation

2. government to work with network carriers to discover this information

3. intelligence officers are to find out the cell numbers of prominent leaders of the People’s Movement. and get information from their conversations about other members and the information they are passing  Excuse for this is crime-fighting.

4. The numbers should be pooled as soon as possible in order to best use them and “do what is necessary”

Signed: Al-Aoud Hamid Khamis Hamid

Director of Military Intelligence

Page 3:

National Congress

Secretariat of Political Affairs

Subject: Telephones of People’s Movement

It is known that the People’s Movement has had conversations with hostile parties. Therefore, all of the major phone companies in Sudan have been notified of their responsibility to monitor any calls that could harm the interests of the nation.

The government also warned them that their communication services will be monitored by satellite. We hope to group all the cell numbers of the People’s Movement leadership very quickly so that we can put them under control. [paraphrase]

Signed: Mohammad al-Mahdi Mandoor al-Mahdi

Secretary of Political Affairs


Document 45

Very Urgent                                                                                        May 18, 2010

From: Leadership of supplies/strategic stockpile

To: Khartoum Commander A.S. (?)

CC: Khartoum Joint Chief of Supply/Logistics

Completed delivery of second (aforementioned) quota of arms and ammunition. You will receive a copy of the delivery documents at a later date.

Signed: Ahmed Ali al-Tahir

18th Infantry Division Commander


Document 28

The Republic of Sudan

Ministry of Defense

Office of the Minister                                                             27 August 2009

[unable to read]

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


1. You can notice in recent times the statements in the media on the arming of tribes in the north and the south, and they attributed the deterioration of the situation in the south to that. This means that there is a leak of information to hostile parties.

2. Arming activities are to be stopped for the time being, to be resumed later by the intelligence forces (also: secret police).

3. You will receive further directions in time.

Copy to:

Chairman of joint logistics (or chairman of office of supply?)

Chairman of Military intelligence


Document 36

Very Urgent                                                                            September 22, 2010

From: Khartoum Commander A. S. (?)

To: Khartoum Joint Chief of Supply/Logistics

We request your approval of the disbursement of munitions and weapons to friendly forces Lam Akol Wing, friendly forces Bahr al-Ghazal and Unity, friendly forces Nuba Mountains Squad.

Signed: Issam Mohammad Hasan Kibrar

Director of Military Intelligence

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