May 30, 2024

The killing of Mohamed Musa Abdella Bahraldien

[Editorial note: There was date error in the email originally pasted into this post. I have since had it confirmed from several sources that Mohamed Musa was abducted on Wednesday Feb. 10 and was found dead yesterday Thursday Feb. 11. I have asked Dr. Gasim to send a corrected notification]

I know you don’t know the name. I’m posting this because it is not the kind of thing that generally makes it into the media. But it matters. And we need to hear about it. So here is the notification I just received about the killing of Mohamed Musa Abdella Bahraldien  (A friend just spoke by phone to the someone within Darfuri community at the UoK who says everyone is just very sad.)

When a vocal student can be abducted by Security Services in broad daylight and killed with impunity, why is the language of “free, fair and credible” even entering into the realm of conversation around the upcoming election?

(btw – So much for the “reform” of the National Security Act.)


Darfurian Student in University of Khartoum killed by NiSS

Name : Mohamed Musa Abdella Bahraldien

Position : Student , University of Khartoum , Faculty of Education , Mathematics section ,    level 3

Native town : Kabkabia , Northern Darfur State

The victim (deceased) student in University of Khartoum Faculty of Education ,level 3 . He is very active among Darfurian Students , yesterday after he was get from examination NISS Members drive truck kidnapped him from in front of main gate of Faculty of Education in Omdurman they took him to elsewhere . Today he was found in open space in Elneel town in Omdurman dead.

Abdelrahman Gasim,  Darfur Bar Association

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