January 21, 2018

South Sudan secedes amid tensions

With MARY BETH SHERIDAN – The map of Africa will be redrawn Saturday, as South Sudan becomes an independent nation through a peace process championed by successive U.S. presidents but still beset by lingering tensions from years of war. President George W. Bush put Sudan at the center of his foreign policy in Africa, helping […]

Crisis in the Nuba Mountains

Audio-visual for the Washington Post; a 101 backgrounder on the crisis in Southern Kordofan.

Allegations of ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains

For 19 days, media cut off from direct access to the Nuba Mountains in Southern Kordofan, which lies in northern Sudan, have been struggling to verify information emerging about the situation there. On Wednesday, a long-time Sudan analyst who was in the Nuba Mountains when the bombing began on June 5, and who only just […]

Trouble in Khartoum

The news coming out of Sudan grows bleaker by the hour. Prospects for peace look less likely now than at any point since the north-south civil war, Africa’s longest-running conflict, ended in 2005. The Sudanese government is presently bombing the northern border state of Southern Kordofan, and the United Nations estimates that more than 100,000 […]

Sudan rejects U.N. call to withdraw from Abyei

[Published June 6, 2011] JUBA, South Sudan – Sudan has rejected a call by the U.N. Security Council to withdraw its forces from the contested town of Abyei, as internal pressure mounts on South Sudan to respond to the invasion last month. Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti, in a statement released over the weekend, […]

So Much for the Peaceful Division of Sudan

[Published June 1, 2011] WAU, South Sudan – Katerina Nyakat Monjok can see the sprawling compound of the U.N. Mission in Sudan from her home in Abyei. But Monjok, 37, says her proximity to the peacekeeping base did not provide any protection when the Sudanese government attacked her town on May 21. The attack, which […]

Terror in Abyei

SOUTH OF ABYEI – I heard a plane way up high and then ‘Doom!’, the sound of a bomb hitting the ground,” explained Mary Ajiang Kur, 37. “My neighbor called out: ‘The Arabs are coming!’” recalled Kur, who said she grabbed her children and hid in the bushes. Soon after, men arrived in her village, […]

Thousands flee Sudanese bombing amid food and fuel shortages

TURALEI, Sudan — As the rainy season begins in this tiny rural village in southern Sudan, thousands of frightened women and children are seeking cover under makeshift shelters of bedsheets and rugs, strung up between tree branches lodged in the mud. They fled their homes in the contested north-south border region of Abyei a little […]

Seizure of Abyei raises war fears

[Published in print on May 28, 2011] JUBA, South Sudan – Weeks before southern Sudan formally breaks from the north, the region is on edge. Harried government officials and army officers rush to meetings in the capital of the soon-to-be nation as rumors circulate that the north intends to occupy territory all along the border. […]

Abyei, Sudan and the threat of civil war

The residents of Abyei, the largest town of the contested border region between north and south Sudan, have deserted their homes in search of safety after the northern government took the town by force this weekend. The seizure of the town follows an ambush by a southern group on a convoy of northern forces who […]