September 20, 2021

Four Years of Independence

Four years since South Sudan gained its independence, Mark Goldberg and I talk through the challenges facing the new nation, now in the midst of a devastating civil war that has displaced around 1.8M people. You can watch the interview here.

UN Dispatch podcast

Scott Guggenheim is the most influential development expert you’ve never heard of. A grad school buddy of new Afghan President, Asraf Ghani, Guggenheim has pioneered the Community Driven Development approach that puts locals in charge of their own development projects. I interviewed him in my first stint as guest host at UN Dispatch. You can […]

Malaysia Airlines Ukraine Crash

As the investigation progresses into responsibility for the shooting down of MH17, I spoke with NBC about the likelihood of eventual prosecutions. As I told them, “An ICC case is not impossible, but it is unlikely for both procedural and substantive reasons.” Read the article.

South Sudan

With 200,000 southerners displaced, and the dreams of a prosperous nation fading fast, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir, and his former deputy, Riek Machar, are meeting in Addis Ababa for negotiations this week. What should we be looking for, and what are the possible outcomes? I discuss these questions and more on Blogging Heads TV […]


Yesterday I spoke with the BBC/NPR about why the ICC is not involved in Syria. Today, we have a P3 draft resolution including a referral to the ICC. The diplomatic pieces are moving quickly, and that’s positive news after months of stalemate. But wherever this leads, I believe it is critical to draw together and […]

PRI: American supporters of South Sudan

South Sudan celebrated its first anniversary as an independent nation this week. It took decades of struggle for the nation to get independence. Among the actors who helped the south finally gain independence from Khartoum was a small group of Americans. That’s according to long-time journalist Rebecca Hamilton. Listen to the interview Read the article

Public Radio International: Kony 2012

By Jeb Sharp ⋅ March 9, 2012 ⋅ What a phenomenon. Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 film went viral this week. It also generated a maelstrom of criticism. If you don’t know the story check out Jason Margolis’s piece on The World from yesterday and this NYT piece from today. For other thoughtful treatments see here, […]

Magnum Foundation interview

On November 2nd 2011, photographer Cedric Gerbehaye spoke with Rebecca Hamilton, journalist and author of Fighting for Darfur: Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide. Cedric and Rebecca worked together in       Sudan during the months leading up to the 2011 referendum. Sudan in Transition, a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting project, features their reportage […]

Al Jazeera, The Stream

I was a guest host of AJE’s social media news show, The Stream, again this week. The topic was one close to home for me – Australia’s policy towards asylum seekers. The discussion followed an announcement by the Australian government last week that it will start to issue bridging visas to enable some of the […]

Radio Free Europe

Following the announcement by President Obama yesterday of the creation of an Atrocities Prevention Board, I did this interview with Radio Free Europe. Rebecca Hamilton, a fellow at the New America Foundation and author of a book on U.S. foreign policy toward Darfur, called the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board an “historic first step.” […]