January 19, 2019

Abu Garda at the ICC

Lots going on today. At midday Hague time, Darfuri rebel, Abu Garda‘s confirmation of charges hearing began at the ICC. He is the first suspect to appear before the court in any of the Darfur cases. It’s 4.30am where I am, so I’m afraid you’re not getting a summary from me right now, but there […]

What’s to stop the outsourcing of justice?

[Apologies for the length of this post. The first four paras are a pretty bread-and-butter summary of the decision handed down today. After that I get into my broader concerns about how to support the spirit behind the principle of complementarity.] Judge Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko just handed down the Appeals Chamber’s decision on the […]

But wait, there’s more . . .

It’s all happening in The Hague tomorrow. In addition to seeing what Nice/Dixon have to say for themselves,  the Appeals Chamber will render its decision on DRC warlord, Germain Katanga’s appeal against Trial Chamber II’s decision that his case should indeed be heard by the ICC.

ICC will receive observations from Nice/Dixon in Bashir case

Following up on an earlier post,  the Appeals Chamber has agreed to receive observations from lawyers Geoffrey Nice and Rod Dixon, representing the Sudanese Government the Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation and the Sudan International Defence Group (SIDG) in the case against President Bashir.

Something to watch for in ICC Lubanga case

There’s been a curious development at the ICC since I was away that is worth keeping an eye on for those interested in following the precedent-setting decisions of the court’s first trial  – against DRC militia leader, Thomas Lubanga Dyillo. In essence, representatives of the victims are trying to get in charges of sexual slavery […]

Fighting to keep genocide out of the Bashir arrest warrant

High profile international lawyers Sir Geoffrey Nice QC and Rodney Dixon have once again applied on behalf of the groups, the Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation (SWTUF) and the Sudan International Defence Group (SIDG), to submit an amicus brief to the ICC in the Bashir case. Their first attempt to do this earlier in the […]

AU Commission reacts to civil society support for ICC Bashir case

Following a flurry of media reports indicating that some South African civil society organizations want President Zuma to distance himself from last week’s AU decision to oppose the arrest warrant for President al-Bashir, as well as a poll released yesterday indicating that the general public in some countries is not as opposed to the Bashir […]

AU corrects Reuters

The continuing saga . . . As it happened I was at the AU this afternoon to listen to Obama’s speech in Ghana. It was delayed because of the rain, and so a friend who works at the AU took me to the Commission’s Situation Room. It’s really just an office with a couple of […]

Seems Reuters got it wrong

* 10.30am UPDATE This just through from someone who was actually at the press conference Reuters was reporting on: During that briefing, Pres. Mbeki was asked about the warrants. He said that the ICC warrants are part of the reality with which the Panel has to work but that the Panel has not yet formed […]

AU Mbeki-led panel supports ICC on Bashir case

Reuters is reporting that the AU Panel of “eminent Africans” led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki, and tasked by the AU with “looking into ways to balance accountability with bringing peace into Darfur” has come out in support of the ICC case against Sudanese President Omar al Bashir. This contradicts the “AU decision” […]