January 19, 2019

Author’s resume

Rebecca Hamilton is the author of Fighting For Darfur: Public Action And The Struggle To Stop Genocide, which investigates the formation of U.S. and international policy on Darfur, and the impact that the U.S. citizen outcry for Darfur has had. In the process of her research she has conducted over 150 interviews with those involved in Sudan policy within the UN, African Union, Arab League, and U.S. government. A former special correspondent in Sudan for the Washington Post, her writing has also appeared in publications including The New Republic, The International Herald Tribune, Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs.



Juris Doctor & Master of Public Policy, 2007

(Admitted to the New York Bar)

Honors: Knox Fellow [full merit-based scholarship, Harvard University]

Winner, Kennedy School of Government, Policy Analysis Exercise

Activities: Harvard Human Rights Journal, Managing Editor


Bachelor of Economics with 1st class Honors in Psychology and the University Medal, 2002


Selected participant, 2004 ICRC Warsaw Summer School – high-level training in International Humanitarian Law.


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