December 13, 2018

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U.S government cannot confirm mass graves in Sudan

[With MARY BETH SHERIDAN] U.S. officials say satellite imagery provides no clear evidence of mass graves in an area of Sudan that has recently erupted in war, contradicting claims by a humanitarian group. The Satellite Sentinel Project, co-founded by actor George Clooney, said last week that it had detected what appeared to be three mass […]

Must-watch video on Southern Kordofan

As many of you know, the Sudanese government has blocked journalists from entering Southern Kordofan, making verifiable information difficult to come by. But a pair of Al Jazeera journalists managed to get in illegally last week, and have produced what is by far the most comprehensive first-hand documentation to date of the impact of the […]

PBS NewsHour

In South Sudan, a nation is born – but with troubles. Judy Woodruff discusses the challenges the young country faces with Rebecca Hamilton.

NPR: South Sudanese rejoice on eve of independence

TELL ME MORE’s Michel Martin discusses the secession with Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, West Africa correspondent for NPR, and Rebecca Hamilton, author of Fighting for Darfur. Listen here.

Clooneyization of the South Sudan story

The New York Times, which has two correspondents in Sudan right now, chose – on South Sudan’s independence – to run a story from there that starts and ends with George Clooney, who is not in Sudan right now. JUBA, Sudan — On the desk in his office in Juba, the capital of what will […]


I write this, five hours into the life of the Republic of South Sudan, not from the new nation’s capital Juba, but from – New York. Not being in Juba was a conscious choice. Being in New York was not. I decided a while back not to put myself in Juba for the celebrations. My […]

South Sudan secedes amid tensions

With MARY BETH SHERIDAN – The map of Africa will be redrawn Saturday, as South Sudan becomes an independent nation through a peace process championed by successive U.S. presidents but still beset by lingering tensions from years of war. President George W. Bush put Sudan at the center of his foreign policy in Africa, helping […]

Guernica Magazine

CONTESTED TERRITORY – Jina Moore interviews Rebecca Hamilton On July 9, southern Sudan is scheduled to become the world’s newest country. Rebecca Hamilton discusses the impact of this change on the rest of the region. Last September, Rebecca Hamilton was finishing a street interview in Khartoum, Sudan, when she saw the local police rounding up […]