January 19, 2019

Terror in Abyei

SOUTH OF ABYEI – I heard a plane way up high and then ‘Doom!’, the sound of a bomb hitting the ground,” explained Mary Ajiang Kur, 37. “My neighbor called out: ‘The Arabs are coming!'” recalled Kur, who said she grabbed her children and hid in the bushes.

Soon after, men arrived in her village, outside of Abyei town, the heart of a fertile, 4,000-square-mile area that straddles the provisional border between north and south Sudan.

“They came first on motorbikes and then [Toyota] Landcruisers with guns mounted on them,” said Kur. She remembers many of the men were wearing uniforms but said some were wearing civilian clothes. “They started firing towards us. Bullets were landing beside us. We saw people being killed.” Read the rest of the article as it appeared.

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