January 19, 2019

BBC/PRI’s “The World”

INTERVIEWER, JEB SHARP: The pace of the Libya intervention has stunned the people of Darfur and the activists who worked so hard to protect them. Back in 2004, the assumption was that if you raised a loud enough outcry, governments would act to stop mass atrocities. In Libya the outcry had barely begun when governments intervened. The difference has not gone unnoticed by Rebecca Hamilton the author of ‘Fighting for Darfur: Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide’. “What Libya has that Darfur never had, still does not have to the present day, and desperately needs, is a unified international commitment to do civilian protection,” said Hamilton. Hamilton says Libya underscores for her how the battle to protect civilians takes place in the realm of global geo-politics. Listen to the full interview.

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