January 19, 2019

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Breaking news: UNSC unaminous referral of Libya to the ICC

Late this evening (Saturday Feb. 26) the UN Security Council unanimously referred the situation in Libya to the International Criminal Court. The full text of Resolution 1970 is not yet available, but the unanimous referral marks an unprecedented show of international support for the ICC, with the U.S. and China – for the first time […]

Understanding the Darfur Movement

Voices on Genocide Prevention Podcast

Looming challenge for Southern Sudan: Regulating oil companies

BENTIU, SUDAN – At an oil field in southern Sudan’s oil-rich Unity state, a tar-colored sludge flowed out of the back of a truck into a man-made pool. A mile down the road, the flags of China, Malaysia, India and Sudan – the nationalities of the companies operating the field – fluttered in the breeze. […]

BBC/PRI’s The World

The World’s Marco Werman interviews Rebecca Hamilton, author of Fighting for Darfur: Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide.

Vanity Fair: Writers Reading

I recorded the Introduction to Fighting for Darfur at Vanity Fair. The podcast is now online.

What about Darfur?

In January, southern Sudan held a historic self-determination referendum. Final results, announced this Monday, show that 98.83 percent of voters cast their ballots in favor of the region becoming independent, and Sudan’s president, Omar Al Bashir, is making all the right noises to suggest he is willing to let one-third of his territory go peacefully. […]

One Referendum, Two New Nations

Across the globe, southern Sudanese are celebrating their imminent independence from the rule of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and his predecessors in Khartoum. These northern rulers spent much of the past half-century engaged in a brutal effort to Arabize and Islamize the southern people. International attention is now focused on helping the chronically underdeveloped region […]

He’s raising hope in southern Sudan by boosting crop yields – and women’s rights

Driuni Jakani aims to transform his rural community in southern Sudan from postwar devastation to economic growth and prosperity. He’s already made a promising start. In January, southern Sudanese voted in a referendum in favor of becoming an independent nation. People like Mr. Jakani will be vital to the success of Africa’s newest country. “Right […]