May 22, 2019

Diaspora, maintaining the flame of protest

A few photos from a Sunday spent with the Sudanese diaspora in the build up to the UN General Assembly in New York this week. In Brooklyn, members of the 24 Hours for Darfur team screened their video of the findings of their survey on the views of Darfuri refugees in Chad on peace, justice, and reconciliation. Then, on buses paid for by Save Darfur, the diaspora – numbering around 100 — traveled into New York to protest outside the United Nations. The call to protest had been advertised as open to “the general public” but in practice there were no more than a handful of non-Sudanese activists in the crowd.

Members of the Sudanese diaspora watch a film on the findings of the 24 Hours for Darfur survey. The survey is the first to comprehensively document the views of Darfuri refugees on issues crucial to their future.

Ahmat Nour, head of the Darfur People’s Association, speaking to Sudanese diaspora gathered in Brooklyn today. Nour urged marginalized Sudanese to stand as one.

Sudanese diaspora traveled from Maine to attend the protest at the UN.


  1. Esther Sprague says:

    Thank you for highlighting this important effort by the Diaspora!

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