February 23, 2020


Girifna protest in Khartoum [photo: www.girifna.com]Following on from a comment from Mahid over at The Sudanese Guardian, I wanted to highlight the Sudanese voices at “Girifna” (We Are Fed Up/ Disgusted) – the student-driven organization that is trying to build grassroots support for change from inside Sudan. Their facebook page is full of activity for Arabic speakers, and they have a bilingual website that gives you the basics of what they are about.

This evening I asked one of their leaders what he thought about the decision of some opposition parties to boycott:

“It is painful but correct. Painful because of the hope and aspiration that sky-rocketed during the campaign for millions of us only to be grounded – – the hope of a path to democracy where is a better life and most importantly life with dignity can be patiently cultivated in our land, but that all fell flat so  soon.

It is correct because the election is crafted to basically save the dictator from the ICC by providing him an election victory that may shield him. This election will go down in Sudanese history as the most fraudulent, corrupt and ill- intended election in which millions of dollars were spent by the NCP of the empty pockets of the Sudanese people in order to fake their own mandate . . . bought loyalty spending obscenely, with their foot on the opposition’s head, including ours, holding our message of reaching to the people NCP is no political party, it is a cash and arms-rich government that can do anything to hold on to the throne of power.”

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