January 19, 2019

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White House defends Gration against WaPo article

The ABC’s Senior White House correspondent just posted these comments by Administration officials saying that Gration was mischaracterized in today’s Washington Post. The Washington Post says it stands by Stephanie McCrummen’s piece. I can’t say anything about the comments in relation to South Sudan as I was not there for that part of the trip. […]

More background on Gration and the WaPo article

A few people have asked me questions about Gration’s interactions on his latest Sudan trip, especially with respect to some parts of Stephanie McCrummen’s Washington Post article since I posted on it this morning. I thought it could be useful to share my responses: Stephanie wrote: During a stop in El Fasher, capital of North […]

Gration, the media, and today’s Policy Review

A principles meeting is taking place today to (belatedly) finalize the outcome of the Sudan Policy Review that the Obama Administration has been undertaking since it came to office.  And in a savvy piece of timing from the Washington Post, they have chosen today to run this piece on Sudan Envoy, Scott Gration, by Stephanie […]

Bureaucratic idiocy

This is a diary entry from when I was in Sudan last month that I haven’t had a chance to post before now . . . It ‘s a nice counterpoint to the logistical ease of travel I experienced on the Gration trip a couple of weeks later. 24 August, 2009 Well – it’s been […]

What’s to stop the outsourcing of justice?

[Apologies for the length of this post. The first four paras are a pretty bread-and-butter summary of the decision handed down today. After that I get into my broader concerns about how to support the spirit behind the principle of complementarity.] Judge Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko just handed down the Appeals Chamber’s decision on the […]

But wait, there’s more . . .

It’s all happening in The Hague tomorrow. In addition to seeing what Nice/Dixon have to say for themselves,  the Appeals Chamber will render its decision on DRC warlord, Germain Katanga’s appeal against Trial Chamber II’s decision that his case should indeed be heard by the ICC.

ICC will receive observations from Nice/Dixon in Bashir case

Following up on an earlier post,  the Appeals Chamber has agreed to receive observations from lawyers Geoffrey Nice and Rod Dixon, representing the Sudanese Government the Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation and the Sudan International Defence Group (SIDG) in the case against President Bashir.

Security provided by those who need their security provided . . .

A couple of days ago I did a post on the village of Ain Siro, where I was last weekend. Before I went, there had been some news reports of fighting in the area, and when I was there people said that Chadian rebels had been trying to get in. They also reported being angry […]

Artwork of the Sudanese state

Each time I arrive at Khartoum airport, I marvel at the campaign laid out by the Sudanese state to welcome foreign arrivals. The trouble is I always land at night and so once again I have returned without any decent photos. The one to the left is a quick snap out the cab window that […]

Ain Siro

Since Julie Flint first wrote about Ain Siro in a Washington Post article back in 2007, this small village in a mountainous region of North Darfur has become something of a poster-child for Darfuris ‘doing it for themselves.’ And, from what I saw last weekend, deservedly so. I have to admit that when I saw […]