December 10, 2018

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More on the ‘war is over’ comments

So my mate Rob Crilly has written a post I need to respond to regarding my remarks on General Agwai’s comments. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not sure we are substantively in quite as much disagreement as Rob would like to think. He agrees with most of my comments, before concluding “But Bec charmingly […]

Lubna: “It’s not about the trousers”

Next Friday, September 4, is the third time Lubna Hussein will be going to court for the “crime” of wearing trousers. I met with Lubna a number of times when I was in Khartoum, and will be posting some background on her in the coming days. When I left, Lubna insisted on seeing me off […]

BBC/PRI’s “The World” gave me the opportunity to talk about my time in Darfur. If you are in the U.S. you can listen on the radio, otherwise the audio link will be up on their site in a few hours. After the interview, a friend in Darfur sent the following comment: Gen. Agwai’s remarks (that […]

Key issues from my visit to Darfur

I’m still digesting my pages and pages of notes, and ordering my thoughts, so take this as a non-exhaustive list: 1. Collapse of GBV services following the expulsion of the humanitarians If there was one issue I could get a spot on CNN to talk about, it would be this. I had an inkling of […]

Welcome to Khartoum

Rarely have a felt such a deep-seated sense of rage, as came with flying into Khartoum by night. It was the lights – the number of them, like a fairyland. These were not the kind of piecemeal lights here and there among a few locations lucky enough to have a generator. No, Khartoum is clearly […]

Public response to questions raised

Hi everyone I got a number of emails following my post yesterday and a couple of questions were raised (summarized below) that I thought were worth responding to publicly: 1.      You mainly just give the names of “bad guys” you spoke with.  It might have been helpful to include the names of some others. . […]

Return from Sudan

Hi everyone As many of you know I spent August in Sudan. Unfortunately this blog was a casualty of my time there – with the GOS having blocked this site inside  Sudan I couldn’t access even the back-end of it to post updates. In many ways it was a blessing in disguise, both because I […]

Marc Gustafon: A Prescription for Darfur activists [Part 2]

This is the second of a two-part posting by Marc Gustafon. A Prescription for Darfur activists [Part 2/2] By Marc Gustafon Ignoring the Peace Process Use of the word “genocide” has also caused activists to ignore the peace process. Since most Americans had been convinced that only one side of the Darfur conflict was responsible […]

Marc Gustafon: A Prescription for Darfur activists [Part 1]

The following is the first of a two-part post by Marc Gustafon, following an earlier series of posts from Tim Nonn, Rob Crilly and Alex Meixner, on the question of  “What’s Next?” for Darfur advocacy. I have some comments on the proposal below, but will wait until the end of the second part of this […]

Time to take a position

Wow – is really the only thing I can come up with after reading this. Below is the relevant section of the transcript from yesterday’s U.S. State Department press briefing by Phillip Crowley. If you have the bandwidth (I don’t) you can watch the video of it. And if anyone knows who this incredibly persistent […]