January 19, 2019

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Audio postcard from Goma

A little like my Sarajevo podcast, this is not actually part of my research. On Thursday evening I had to go to Musanze in northern Rwandan to interview one of the AU Deputy Commanders who had been deployed in Darfur. By the time I was at Musanze I was just 2 hours by bus from […]

Presenting Goma: Exhibit A in the case for genocide prevention

Congolese officials are preparing a veritable extravaganza for the arrival of President Kabila in Goma on Tuesday to mark independence from colonial rule. Meanwhile, many of the soldiers rehearsing their drills in preparation for his visit remain unpaid. Local aid workers worry about the volatile mix of large groupings of invariably drunken soldiers with accompanying […]

Gacaca up close

On February 24 this year, Béatrice Nirere was sentenced by a Gacaca court to life imprisonment with “special conditions” (isolation) for her involvement in planning the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi population in Rwanda. This week, I sat in an over-crowded stifling room (despite glassless windows, no fresh air made it through due to the […]

Prosecution gets to appeal ICC decision not to charge Bashir with genocide

The ICC Pre-Trial Chamber I* has granted the Prosecution leave to appeal its decision from March this year not to issue a warrant of arrest for Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir for genocide (it issued it for five counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of war crimes).  The Prosecution raised its appeal on […]

Bashir arrest warrant decision in bullet points and (relatively) plain English

The arrest warrant was issued against Omar Al Bashir for five counts of Crimes Against Humanity (murder, murder, rape, torture, extermination and forcible transfer committed as part of a widespread and systematic attack against a civilian population) and two counts of War Crimes (killing and pillaging). Standards of proof at different stages of proceedings: Under […]

In loving memory of Sifa Nsengimana

October 25, 2012 I just received the heartbreaking news that my dear friend and inspiration, Sifa Nsengimana, has been killed in a car accident in South Africa. Death is hard to handle no matter the circumstances, but for this world to lose someone who had survived so much, who had managed to see the worst […]

Podcast:Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

In this 20-minute podcast from the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, I speak with two of the staff that work there: One, a survivor of the 1994 genocide, who now guides visitors around the memorial, and another from the Aegis Trust in the U.K. In addition to walking listeners through the exhibition, (documenting the pathways to […]

From Kigali

After the killing has ceased, and order has been restored: How do you make it right again? This is the question addressed in a new film, My Neighbor, My Killer, according to the article about it in the NYT this week. It’s also the question that I can’t stop thinking about as I walk through […]

What would you ask Ebrahim Abdullah? ماذا ستسالون ابراهيم عبدالله؟Que souhaitez-vous demander à Ebrahim Abdullah?Państwa pytania dla Ebrahima AbdullahCosa chiederesti ad Ebrahim Abdullah?

SLA  (Abdel Wahid)  field commander Ebrahim Abdullah has agreed to take any questions advocates have. You can submit your question using this form.

“Gration Must Go” – a distraction

“Gration Must Go” is the call that has just been put out by some U.S.-based Darfur advocates – including people that, I should disclose, I respect the work of. They are sincere people, genuinely committed to improving the lives of people in Darfur. And yet I think that in making this call they are setting […]