December 10, 2018

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ICC Prosecutor on why we keep failing on “never again”

Interesting excerpt from my podcast with Luis Moreno Ocampo this week: “We say ‘never again’ but we have no institutions to do a real ‘never again’ . . .” The excerpt is 1 min 52 secs. You can listen herePrzepraszam, ten artykul jest dostępny tylko w języku angielskim Interesting excerpt from my podcast with Luis […]

In Obama we trust (?)

100 days in Office. No progress on Darfur. The hope held by so many is being put to the test. It’s an old story – We look at a situation of failure and say “if only” factor X was different, the problem would be resolved. It’s a trap many advocates walked themselves into at the […]

Podcast: Luis Moreno Ocampo responds to your questions

Hi everyone I had the chance to ask eight of the questions you submitted through the website to the ICC Prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, yesterday. As I told him, there were more questions than we had time for and so I prioritized those that had been asked by more than one person.Przepraszam, ten artykul jest […]

Approach to selection of questions for podcasts سياسة استخدام الاسئلة المقدمة Mes normes en ce qui concerne l’utilisation des questions reçuesW jaki sposób wykorzystam Państwa pytania

Hi everyone In preparing for my first podcast interview – scheduled for tomorrow – it became apparent that I am not going to have time to ask every one of the questions that you have submitted. This has forced me to use some discretion in deciding which questions to exclude. In the interests of transparency […]

Welcome signs on FOIA under Obama

The wonderful team at the National Security Archives (NSA) are supporting the numerous FOIA requests I have on the boil for the book. While I am just following Darfur, they manage to keep tabs on everything you can imagine. Each week they lodge multiple requests in the public interest, and keep chasing them until they […]

Mamdani’s inaccuracies [a.k.a. “Are we really expected to fact check every detail of a book like this? “]

You can call my indignation naive – but I just don’t think it’s that unreasonable to expect that a book, published by no less reputable an organization than Random House, could have been put through a fact-checking process before going to print. On Monday I was speaking about international law at the opening of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education […]

Interviewing Colin Powell this morning

In D.C. now. Really looking forward to this interview. Alas no time for a podcast – sorry all. I’m trying to pin John Bolton down for one later in the week.

Hunger Strike for Darfur

On dodgy airport computer in terminal at Heathrow on way to Chicago and just got this statement through from Mia Farrow.  She is leading a hunger strike in solidarity with those who are facing shortages of food and water as a result of the GOS expulsions of humanitarian organizations. Her goal is that leaders pressure the GOS […]

Upcoming events

I’m heading back to the U.S. next week for a couple of events – and to squeeze in some more interviews whilst I’m at it. For anyone in Chicago or D.C., here are the details: Inaugural Symposium of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center April 20, 11am “Past & Present: Media and Legal Perspectives […]

Careful what you start . . .

Yesterday I told you that while churning through documents declassified through FOIA can be frustrating, you do occasionally come across a few gems. An example: In a demarche sent by the State Department to the US embassy in Senegal on February 11, 2005, the talking points to be used in trying to convince the Senegalese […]